Basic Subscription

It includes the main function of the bot for providing notifications. Each message contains all the necessary information, namely:

  • Date and time
  • SLP/USDT rate at Binance
  • For each account:
  • – account alias
  • – remained SLP
  • – number of days before the next claim
  • – average productivity

РThe scheduling of messages is configured by agreement with the customer, but in addition, the user has the ability to receive this message upon request by issuing the appropriate command to the bot.

In addition to the main function, the basic package includes additional useful functions:

  • 1message without formatting, only amounts with SLP balances – very convenient for landlords who keep records of spreadsheet statistics
  • 2Information about rates for the main game tokens, today it is AXS/USDT and SLP/USDT
  • 3Detailed information on the cost of breedes

Each message might be send on schedule or upon user request

500 SLP/месяц